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   Jake Kearney, Web Content Editor & Owner

Jake Kearney is a social media guru, with over 100,000 followers across social media, he has gained credibility and knowledge on the subject. Jake has also been called a Walking Dead savant, knowing almost everything about the series.  Jake also is the Walker Culture Podcast Host and is the Unmute TWD Pre-Show host.

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   Taylor Anderson, Director of Viewership

Taylor Anderson is also a social media guru, with over 80,000 followers he knows how to get a crowd going for his witty jokes and posts about The Walking Dead. Being on the scene for almost a year and a half, Taylor knows a lot about the show and comic!

Follow Taylor on Twitter and Instagram, along with his parody RickFucknGrimes on Twitter and Instagram, AMCTheWalkingDeadFeed on Instagram, as well as MarvelTrueFacts on Instagram.

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   Ryan DeMas, Director of Social Media

Ryan DeMas is also, also a social media guru, (do you see a trend yet?) with over 200,000 followers on instagram he is well known as a huge fan and writer. Being a film major he knows quite a bit about film and television production and writing. He also keeps up on The Walking Dead news and will post it here as soon as he gets it!

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