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“Bad Santa 2” Review

Billy Bob Thornton returns 13 years later to take on the role of Willie , aka Bad Santa, in Bad Santa 2. There’s no doubt that this is a sequel that nobody asked for, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from making these unnecessary sequels. Bad Santa, just like 95% of comedies out there, is one movie that could have been left alone after the first movie ended. Was Bad Santa 2 really worth the 13 year wait, if anyone had even been waiting?

Bad Santa 2 uses practically the same exact plot with the same characters doing the same thing. Christina Hendricks’ character is basically a replacement for Lauren Graham’s character from the first movie due to her commitment to the Gilmore Girls’ reboot. Kathy Bate’s character definitely brings in some more raunchy humor as she sometimes steals the show with her insane dirty quips. Just a month ago we saw her as the Butcher on season 6 of American Horror Story and now she plays the role of Billy Bob Thornton’s mother who calls her son “shit stick”, belches and farts, and finds vibrators. Some of the lines she throws out there is hard to imagine her saying, but it works in the most crazy kind of way.

Thurman Murman also returns to Bad Santa 2 and is now a grown man who is 21 years old and wants Willie to pop his cherry. Brett Kelly does a great job of returning to the lovable idiot that is Thurman Murman. His first appearance in the film is him walking in on Willie hanging himself and not thinking anything of it. As Willie’s rope comes loose causing him to fall, Thurman responds with “Willie you fell”. It’s hard not to love his character.

Though an unnecessary sequel, Bad Santa 2 does deliver more raunchy humor that fans should come to expect from this type of comedy. It’s definitely not a movie worth rushing out to see, but it’s worth the watch whenever you get a chance to see it.


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