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“The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” Review

The wait is finally over! After six months of waiting to see who was the victim to meet Lucille, we finally saw it. Many knew going in that the premiere episode would be brutal, but who would have thought it would be this brutal? The season 7 premiere sets a new bar for the Walking Dead and has definitely shocked every single viewer who had the guts to tune in. Nothing will be the same after the events that unfolded.

Before the recap begins, you should already expect some MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS! After you read this, there is no going back. You have been warned:

We finally saw the victim behind the bat. Well, it was two victims. The first victim to get brutally beat to death was Abraham. Abraham was the unlucky victim that lost the game. Nega took Lucille and bashed it into Abraham’s thick red skull just as Abraham delivers one last great line. “Suck my nuts” was the amazing line that Abraham was barely able to get out just as Negan went and finished his job of bashing the life out of Abraham’s skull. The whole group watches in shock as Negan then goes over to Rosita. Daryl now becomes unhappy and lays one punch at Negan just to make everything a hell of a lot worse. Now we have an even more upset Negan. One warning is all the group had and Daryl ruined it for everyone. Nega now becomes angered and shows that he’s a man of his word.

Negan goes on to finish his speech of how he warned everyone and goes on to swing Lucille into Glenn’s skull. Now the most iconic scene from the comics comes to life as Negan goes on the pop Glenn’s eye out of his skull and jokes around a little to then continue bashing his skull into a huge mush. Glenn now lays on the ground with his skull bashed in due to Daryl’s unnecessary actions. We now have two beloved characters dead in the matter of minutes.

The entire sequence of the bashing is probably the most intense and nerve wrecking scene in all of television. Every fan had expected this brutality, but once you witness it, it’s hard to comprehend. Watching an episode of this magnitude legitimately makes you a nervous wreck. I myself was shaking from watching everything unfold. It’s hard not to. An episode like this truly invest its viewers into every single second shown. The episode makes you question why it was even made other than to just simply f**k with your head in the worst way possible.

Daryl became one of the most loved characters to probably the most hated in just a matter of seconds. There was no need for him to get out of line and attack Negan as he was surrounded by probably over a hundred men with weapons. Daryl not only put his life in jeopardy, but the lives of his group as well. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with Daryl after Negan took him away with him. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Rick and his group react to Daryl’s decision.

Just as you thought the events of this episode couldn’t quite possibly get any worse, they try to test your judgment. Towards the end of the episode, Negan expresses that he never got the reaction from Rick that he wanted so it was up to him to give him that look he was looking for. How was he going to get that reaction? By having Rick hack his own son’s arm off in front of everyone. Once Negan takes his belt off and ties it around Carl’s arm, you knew right away what he was up to. The look in Rick’s face as he knew he had to hack Carl’s arm off makes you want to lose all of your emotions as well. That entire scene was emotionally strong. What made it worse was when Carl gave Rick the go ahead to do what we don’t want to happen. Just as Rick was about to hack Carl’s arm off, Negan stops him and all of the viewers become relieved knowing we can’t take much more after any of that. Negan is definitely not someone worth f**king with.

The entire episode was powerfully acted by the amazing Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Andrew Lincoln gives a powerfully emotional performance in this episode for Rick and truly makes you want to break down with him. Jeffrey Dean Morgan gives an absolutely breathtaking performance on the psychopath Negan. Dean Morgan truly delivers such an amazing performance that it’s almost hard to hate him. Both Lincoln and Dean Morgan deserve Emmy nominations after this episode.

There is no doubt at all that this was the most gruesome and heartbreaking episode of all time. Almost none of the episode was uplifting (besides the dinner scene at the end). This episode is almost so brutal that it could be unwatchable. Just because it might be unwatchable doesn’t make it a bad episode. Depending on how you look at it, this is either the best episode or worst episode of all time. I know my stomach will turn every time I watch it. Everything that happens in this episode sets the bar for what’s to come. It’s hard to ever think if there could ever be an episode even close to the magnitude of this one. Until that day comes, this episode will forever be the saddest and hard to watch episodes of the series.


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