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“Deepwater Horizon” Review

The 2016 movie season has been a bit of a sleeper compared to other years. The summer didn’t live up to its hype and it was up to the Fall movie season to pick up the slack. September kicked off great with “Sully” and the “Magnificent Seven” and now we have “Deepwater Horizon”.

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg team up once again to bring you the true story of what happened out there on the Gulf of Mexico on that oil rig. If you can’t remember exactly what happened, a big oil rig exploded and a ginormous amount of oil spilled throughout the sea. At this point you’re probably wondering how can you make a movie about an oil rig spill? Add Peter Berg into the mix and you’re guaranteed to have not only an action packed movie, but also a great story driven movie.

Deepwater Horizon delivers on every single note possible. The movie offers a great director, great cast, and a great story with an action packed second act. Once the oil rig blows, it’s nonstop intense action from there. The movie also offers some information about BP’s involvement in the explosion and how greed caused it all. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat gripping your armrest. It’s hard to believe that all those workers aboard the rig had a fighting chance to survive something as horrific as that. The ending delivers a very emotional intense sequence. Deepwater Horizon is definitely a major step up for the year 2016.


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