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“Go Getters” Review

In “Go Getters”, we make a return to the Hilltop colony. Maggie and Sasha make their way to the Hilltop after the horrific events that unfolded in the season premiere and are accepted by Jesus. One person that doesn’t accept the two are Gregory. After what unfolded, you would think Gregory would have some remorse towards Sasha and Maggie. Guess not.

The episode shows great potential for both Maggie and even Sasha as possible leaders of the Hilltop colony. Of course, Gregory does not agree with the two being there or even giving up his leadership role. Gregory has shown nothing other than being a coward who is afraid of taking a stand against the enemy. I’m not too sure how Maggie was even able to process her life as her husband, who she apparently was absolutely in love with, just had his head bashed in right in front of her. We saw some of that back in season 4 and 5 when her father and sister died and she showed barely any emotions after the events. You would think she would want to stay put and cry the entire time especially after being told not to do much since she might lose the baby.

Enid and Carl once again become angst little teenagers as they leave the Alexandria safe zone. As usual, Carl is going against his father who has proven EVERY SINGLE TIME that he knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s getting to the point in the show where you hope for something bad to happen to him every time he goes against his father. The relationship between Carl and Enid advanced as we saw the two finally kiss and even roller-skate down the road. Not sure that’s much of a smart idea knowing walkers and Saviors are out there, but who’s to tell these two angsty little teens what to do. Also, how did it take Carl and Enid barely any time to walk to the Hilltop when the whole season 6 finale was spent trying to get there? Guess we can blame the Saviors on that one.

Overall, the episode was a good “filler” episode. It sets up big possibility of Maggie’s potential leadership role and Sasha’s role as a sidekick. It hasn’t been since the back half of season 5 when we saw Sasha’s potential role being developed. Let’s hope that Jesus and Carl have something smart up their sleeves.


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