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“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” Review

Tom Cruise returns as Jack Reacher to sequel of the title character. Jack Reacher was a sleeper hit back in late 2012 and has now finally come back four years later. There’s no doubt a new story could be developed for the character that would interest viewers, but the sequel has a hard time at selling that idea.

What made the first film so great was the fact that it was a crime/action flick that made you wonder the motives of the shooter or if it even was James Barr, the alleged shooter in the first film. The opening scene to the movie was very gritty and almost hard to watch due to real life events that unfold here. Tom Cruise did a great job at playing the character the first go around. When it comes to the sequel, it feels as if storylines and characters were thrown together for no reason. You don’t become as attached to the characters like the first film.

Never Go Back has a hard time at handling the storylines it produces. The whole daughter storyline was very unnecessary and could have easily been left out to only include Cruise and Cobie Smulder’s character’s story. It felt as if the storyline including the possible daughter interfered with the main storyline of what was going on. The audience wants to see Jack Reacher do his thing, which involves him figuring out whatever it is he has to figure out and fighting bad guys. The ending also doesn’t have as big of impact like the first film. Though the film doesn’t live up to its predecessor , it’s still an enjoyable action flick to watch.


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