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“John Wick Chapter 2” Review

John Wick surprised audience members back in 2014 when Keanu Reeves stepped into a great new action role. With its stylistic violence and nonstop action, John Wick became an instant classic. Keanu Reeves suits back up as the retired hitman for an even bigger thrill ride.

It’s hard to come across a sequel that’s both better and new. John Wick Chapter 2 capitalizes on just about everything and took what made the first film so great and makes it even better. The stakes are much higher for titular character as the bounty on him is higher and more hitman try to take him out. Not only is there more action than the first film, but the body count is much higher as well. The entire tunnel sequence at the parties well as the ending were unbelievable.

Keanu Reeves does an amazing job in this sequel as John Wick somehow becomes an even bigger badass than he was in the first film. Reeves certainly takes a top spot as one of the biggest movie badass’ of all time. John Wick Chapter 2 does what every sequel should and fans can only hope that chapter 3 is just as good, if not better.


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