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Show Hosts


Jake Kearney, Host 

Jake is the host of The Walker Culture Podcast, and also writes for With over 100,000 followers across social media, Jake has gained credibility and knowledge on the subject. Jake has also been called a Walking Dead savant, knowing almost everything about the series. Follow Jake on Twitter and Instagram, my parody, BAMF_walker on Twitter, and TWDPics on Instagram!


billinspaceBill Squire, Host

Bill is a stand-up comedian. He started when he was 22 years old after he was excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Bill has released 3 comedy albums. His third album “Crowded” came out in September 2013 and made it to number 8 on the iTunes Comedy charts. Bill’s day job is co-hosting The Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMMS. Follow Bill on twitter, instagram, and facebook.



Juanda Mayfield, Host

Juanda is also a stand-up comedian. She’s been doing it for a while and does a lot of work in the Cleveland, OH area. Juanda is a substatute teacher and and avid couponer (so if you have any couponing questions, hit her up). Follow Juanda on twitter, instagram and facebook.