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“Resident Evil: the Final Chapter” Review

Fifteen years ago, a video game series launched into a film franchise. What began as a simple zombie horror flick turned into a big cinematic balls to the wall and over the top action series known as Resident Evil. If you’re a fan of the series, then you pretty much exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Six films on and it’s time for Alice to finally give up killing zombies and chasing bad guys around the globe….at least that’s what they want us to think.

Fans and avid viewers of the Resident Evil films should be pretty aware of the over the top nonsense they get themselves into. It’s almost like the Fast & Furious films, just set your mind free. There are times where you’ll roll over in your seat with all the over the top action scenes or predicaments they get themselves into. For instance, the beginning of the film where Alice is on a motorcycle being chased by a very very large tank with mini guns and missiles attached. It’s also not a Resident Evil film without all the plot holes and under development of characters who get killed off with no problems. It’s just come to the point where you sit back, relax, and eat your popcorn as Alice kicks more and more ass.

Resident Evil: Retribution is arguably the weakest entry in the series and was the previous film before this one which was five whole years ago already. Fans such as myself wondered how they could come back after the odd movie that became Resident Evil: Retribution. The Final Chapter brings in just about anything any fan would ask for. There’s nonstop action, blood, zombies, death, car chases, fight sequences, etc. From the opening scene to the very end, the Final Chapter delivers nonstop thrills and action. It definitely takes advantage as being the supposed “final chapter” in the series.

The Final Chapter is definitely an entry in the franchise that fans should look forward to seeing and a great way to end the whole series. Of course as most franchises go, there is indeed an open ending to the film as well as many different possibilities to spawn off of other storylines. Maybe if another film is ever made, we’ll find out what happened to Jill Valentine as she is completely absent from this last entry. This is definitely a step up after Retribution and Afterlife. Fans, go out and see Alice’s last outing killing the undead and kicking human ass.


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