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“Swear” Review

Another week and yet another filler episode for season 7 of the Walking Dead. Season 7 has been full of filler episodes which has led to ratings dipping. Sadly, this episode won’t help fans out when it comes to will they or won’t tune out.

Season 7 has been full of new plot lines as well as many new characters. With those new characters comes other communities. Not only do we have new characters and a new community introduced in this episode, but also the return of Heath and Tara. It has been nine episodes since we last saw the two characters before they ventured off on a supply run. That’s more than half a season of the show. As history with the Walking Dead goes to show with characters that have been missing for quite some time, that means give them a whole episode to themselves with little to no plot movement.

Tara has been a character that has always been there helping the group, but hasn’t really been utilized enough to gain fan appreciation. So it comes with no surprise as many fans were turned off when they found out it would simply just be a Tara episode. Along with Beth in seasons 4 and 5, Tara really serves no purpose to the storyline. The characters back at Alexandria have even neglected to mention her whereabouts throughout the season. You know it’s bad when your own “family” back at your community even neglects to mention your name. I guess they forgot about her as quickly as the viewers did. The writers stretch her arc out enough to give her some justification before they kill her off. Hopefully they don’t continue that trend as it is becoming too obvious at this point. Tara has always had her moments on the show, but still not enough to gain a whole episode to herself.

We come across the Oceanside colony full of only women which at first appeared to be some sort of witch coven. Due to the Saviors actions, this new colony has zero trust in anyone they come across. Their rule is to kill at first sight no matter if you’re dead or alive. Sure that may seem a little harsh, but it is understandable. Hopefully the Oceanside colony comes back in season 8 rather than this season as it feels like we already have enough going on for a 16 episode season.

Not only has Tara been missing for nine episodes, but so has Heath. For those of you who are unaware, the actor who plays Heath, Corey Hawkins, is now the lead star of 24: Legacy and stars in Kong: Skull Island. With that being said, it looks as if we will see little to no Heath for the rest of the season. A smart thing the writers did was simply have him go missing rather than killing him off. Heath could have easily been killed off, but his character has so much more potential in him before he meets his demise. It just happens to be bad luck on the shows casting that they chose someone who would eventually be a big star. You can thank Straight Outta Compton for that.

“Swear” has proven to be a low point in the season and even the series. Though a great performance from Alanna Masterson, this episode will be forgotten when looked back on. Next week’s episode looks to be back on track as Rick and Negan finally return.


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