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Has the Walking Dead Lost Its Luster?

After the brutal season 7 premiere, many fans of the Walking Dead have threatened to stop watching the show. We’ve heard it many times before with this show as well as many other shows, but of course fans have turned out just to be bluffing. This time however, fans might have actually stuck to their word. Season 7 premiered with an outstanding 17 million viewers but has steadily started to decline to numbers as low as 11 million. Numbers for this show haven’t been this low since season 3 and numbers have declined this steady since the first half of season 4. 7 seasons in, could fans really start losing interest in the show?

Some people think that after the brutal demise of Glenn and Abraham ended the storyline of the show we all loved  and with Negan’s introduction that the show is different now. When any show is on their seventh season, there’s no doubt you have to find a way to keep your viewers entertained as well as staying fresh and new. The Walking Dead has always been a roller coaster of a show with going in a great direction before plummeting downhill at the same time. Walking Dead has done that with almost every season. Season 6 proved to be a steady season with its plot line and its direction.

The main issue with season 7 is not the death of Glenn or Abraham, but the lack of story. Since the demise of Glenn and Abraham, the show seems to be going nowhere with its story. There seems to be about 50 storylines going on at once during a short 16 episode run. Normally 16 episodes is fine for this show, but not when there’s a ton of storylines going on at the same time. Episode 6 has yet to premiere and we’re just now about to see what happened to Heath and Tara. That’s also not considering the new storyline of the Kingdom colony introduced in episode 2 which showed us what happened with Carol and Morgan. Both Carol and Morgan are pivotal characters on the show and it appears that they will only be shown in that one episode this half season. Putting the Kingdom episode as episode 2 this season was also a huge mistake for the show. After a heavy hitting season premiere, “the Well” is definitely an episode that should have been used in the middle of the season rather than episode 2.

If a show like the Walking Dead wants to keep viewers attention and have this many storylines going on at once, it’s probably time to extend the seasons or just flat out eliminate some them. The show has proven over and over again that they are capable of coming back out of no where just as you start to doubt them, so it’s probably an issue you shouldn’t have to worry about. Let’s hope Negan is utilized a lot more throughout the rest of the season.

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